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Australia's tropical savanna is one of the largest in the world and stetches across Northern Australia from Broome in Western Australia to Townsville in Queensland.

Australias tropical savanna is an area of dense grass and scattered trees that range from grasslands to open woodlands. The world's other savannas cover two fifths of Africa and large amounts of India and South America.  Most savannas are near the equator but Australia's tropical savanna lies south of the Equator.  Savannas occur only in climates that have distinct seasons usually referred to as the "wet" season and the "dry" season.

Aboriginal people have lived throughout Australia for over 60 000 years and are one of the oldest living cultures in the world. The relationship to land is intrincic to Aboriginal people for lore, culture, recreations, hunting and gathering and cermonies. They have a rich cultural and ecological knowledge of the landscape and recognise six seasons in a year that guide them when looking after country. 

Australia is one of the most biologically unique and diverse countries in the world due to its isolation one of the worlds oldest geology. Over the last 200 years it has also experienced the largest documented decline in biodiversity of any continent.  Under the Environment Protection and Biodivesity Conservation Act (EPBC Act) more thant 50 species of Australian animals have been listed as extinct, including 27 mammal species, 23 bird species, and 4 frog species,. The number of known extinct Australian plants is 48. Australia's rate of species decline continues to be among the world's highest in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), a group of 30 western democratic nations. 

Katherine, Northern Territory lies at the hearland of this diverse landscape that is rich in both natural and cultural heritage values and a rich biodivesity of our unique environement.

Katherine is the crossroads that showcases some of Australia natural wonders including Kakadu National Park to the north, Nitmuluk Gorge to the east, Judpurra (Gregory) National Park to the west and Lost City and Elsey National Park in Never Never country to the south. The region is linked through the Savannah Way Tourism route that cross's the country  from east to west and by the Darwin to Adelaide rail line from north to south. 

Savanna Solutions Pty Ltd  is a consulting and contracting company that supports sustainable development in regional and remote areas of Australia that helps to protect and preserve our biological and cultural diversity while also assisting to implement business development opportunities.